Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Graphic Design

I figured posting a few of my pieces here would be a quick way to update my portfolio. It would also allow people to comment on my work and perhaps give some constructive criticism. Speaking of constructive criticism (CC):

To give CC is to give useful advice. I don't mind comments that either post a dislike of the work or a like. To say "Well, I don't really like your style" or even "I think your drawing of the girl today is kinda ugly." is fine. To say "Wow, you've got some really good work here" is okay too. But I really appreciate something like "While the overall composition is good, I think your proportions on the upper body need some work. The left side looks too big compared to the right, and the figure is unbalanced unnaturally. If she were really in that pose, her left leg couldn't support her weight". This is CC.

What I will not tolerate is comments like "Ur drawing sux @$$, n00b!" I don't like moderating comments, but I reserve the right to delete any comments that are degrading, bigoted, offensive, or downright rude.

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