Monday, February 19, 2007


Today is the first day in a long time the temp reached 70 F. It is finally warm enough here in TX to open the windows and air out the apartment. As soon as the window is open, who should jump on the sill but Lily. To explain to anyone who doesn't know me and my little family, Lily is an American Shorthair with snow white fur and blue eyes. She's about 10 years old and a bit on the heavy side (the vet can't figure out why, neither can we).

So Lily jumps into the windowsill after I open the window and starts sniffing the air (the windows haven't been opened in months, and she's an indoor kitty). I sat watching her, thinking just how adorable she is with the sun shining on her face, and inspiration in the form of charcoal pencil struck. I grabbed my sketchbook and did a couple of quick sketches before she grew bored and jumped onto the bed.

This first I don't quite have a title for (and backgrounds are definitely not my forte), but she was watching the birds and squirrels while rotating her ears. Most likely she was hearing the scratch of charcoal on the paper.

The second is titled "squirrel or bird?". Something moving caught her eye as she hunkered down and pressed her face into the screen. I laughed so loudly when I saw her ear bent against the screen that she jerked her head around and glared at me for causing a disturbance.

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