Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SnapFit Runners

SnapFit Runners was a project for a very special client of Webprod.net Productions. Mr. Charbonnet is a brilliant engineer who is always thinking up ways to make things better and easier to use, such as dice for blind gamers (Photos courtesy of me), so we wanted to make his latest project really pop. We took his existing website and logo and ...well... threw it in the trash. I began the project by rebranding the company, giving it a new logo and sleeker look. The website just grew from there. With the freedom of a new logo, and a much better color scheme, I was able to really customize the site with original buttons and images tailored to the company. SnapFit is perhaps my favorite project, mostly because I was able to put a spin on it that the client really felt embodied the spirit of his company.

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